The True Blue Frog Show - America's #1 Dallas Cowboys Frog Fan!
Starring America's #1 Dallas Cowboys frog fan, True Blue Frog! 
Also starring, True Blue Frog's identical twin-cousin, Azul Frog. 
With Felipe-The-Down-&-Out Chili Pepper. 
And that femme fatale frog everybody loves to love, Rosalinda Frog!
Here's one of True Blue Frog's adventures (co-starring: Azul Frog)!
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"TrueBlue Frog's 'How I Landed In Prison' pt 2"
Part 2 of this epic tells the tale of how TrueBlue Frog's life changed from one of freedom in Chato Mendoza's Dr. Pepper Bar to imprisonment in Manos Parriba Prison, Chihuahua, Mexico. Part 2 of 6.
Also featuring: 
"Frog Football's Greatest Croaks!"
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Greatest Croaks PROMO 2009
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Watch as the fiercest frogs, the toughest toads & an occasional unidentifiable newt-like creature battle it out on the amphibian gridiron in "Frog Football's Greatest Croaks!"
And who can forget where they were when Frogger Staubach threw the original "Hail Mary pass" to Drew "Blue Lagoon" Pearson in 1975?
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Greatest Croaks:Hail Mary pt2,The Actual Play,1975
Frogger Staubach says a Hail Mary prayer before throwing the shotgun pass heard round the world!
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